Friday, February 14, 2014

Epoxy Flooring Betek

Epoxy Flooring Betek Photos

ESD Protective Products For The Electronics Industry
Semiconductive epoxy powder coated steel • surface resistivity 105 - 109 ohm Semiconductive polypropylene = PP • surface resistivity 103 5 m, for the bench and flooring mats with 10 mm press stud (male), 1 megohm. Press stud PN 3034 For the bench and flooring mats. 10mm/female ESD-flooring LM 9500 ... Read Here

Epoxy Flooring Betek Photos

ACDSee PDF Image.
Guan liduStryjCo. , Ltd. KS-304 Epoxy Mortar Flooring Self-Levelling Grade KS-304 is a synthetic compound, formulated with mortar properties with self-levelling finish. ... Document Viewer

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