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Epoxy Flooring Singapore

Low VOC Solvent-Less Epoxy Coating (Hardner) Singapore (629458) Tel: 6270 0125 Ricoh Afico MP C3500 Ricoh Afico MP C4500 Singapore 609601 Hardwood flooring made from 100% renewable bamboo material. Star Bamboo (Bamboo Flooring) 26/06/07 013 010 ... Read Content

Masterguard Waterproofing System - ( Fiber Reinforced ) Part ...
The "MASTREGUARD WATERPROOFING SYSTEM" has undergone various tests among which figure the Singapore Institute of Standards and Industrial Research (SISIR 1:32 Watch Later Error Decorative Flake Epoxy Flooring Application by EpoxyFloorsUSA 4,264 views; 3:46 Watch Later Error ... View Video

Floors That Support Today’s Business Environment
Solidfeel Access Flooring The Solidfeel access flooring system is manufactured to the following South Africa and Singapore. Our system is specified world wide for office Paint used is supplied by DuPont Barloworld Ltd and is non toxic. SFS panels are painted using a epoxy coating ... Fetch Doc

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Wall coverings for bathrooms - consider space and moisture. It's not always the easiest choice to make. Learn which kind of wall covering - wallpaper, tile, paint? - you want to use in your bathroom. ... Read Article

Epoxy Flooring Singapore Pictures

Water-based epoxy moisture and vapour barrier, used primarily soft and hard flooring coverings. • May be used as part of a waterproofing system prior SINGAPORE PTE LTD BOSTIK FINDLEY (MALAYSIA) SDN BHD Phone: +61-3-9279 9333 ...

Masterguard Waterproofing System - ( Fiber Reinforced ) Part 1

The Masterguard is a one component water-based liquid applied acrylic waterproofing system. It comprises of 100% specially modified acrylic polymers, and is applied in 5- 6 coats incorporating a layer of chopped fibreglass matt. Compared to conventional waterproofing methods, Masterguard Waterproofing System has several advantages as explained below.

• It is one component, fully acrylic water- based system
• It is cold applied, odourless and solvent free
• It allows instant setting and custom made acrylic membrane over entire roof profile
• It is easily applied, allows excellent adhesion and the finish is totally seamless
• It provides high tensile strength with the fibreglass reinforcement
• It has a crack bridging ability
• It has high elasticity over wide temperature range
• It is scratch and fire resistant
• Upon exposure to constant heat (40oC for 600Jam), no degradation of the Masterguard finish was proved
• It is non toxic and environmental friendly
• It is specially modified for tropical climate protection
• No protection board or cement screed required for the waterproofing
• It limits dead load structure
• Thermal movement is accommodated
• It provides high resistance against UV radiations
• It is resistant against aging
• It is easy to repair, and maintenance cost is meager
• It is trafficable to foot, vehicle with rubber or plastic wheel
• It is available in various colours of choice
• Masterguard is available in different packings (24kg, 6 kg, 4kg)

The "MASTREGUARD WATERPROOFING SYSTEM" has undergone various tests among which figure the Singapore Institute of Standards and Industrial Research (SISIR) Test and the Water-ability Test.
On 2nd May 1990, evaluation by the Singapore SISIR (NP.T10709/ST/DBY/AL MAY 02, 1990)* test revealed the following:
Tensile at break DIN 53 455-5-5 (MPA) 7.16 1.21
Elongation at break DIN 53 455-5-5 (%) 7.69 1.49
Water vapour Gm/Hr/Sqm 0.941 0.75
Hardness (Shore A) ASTM D 2240 75
Later, on 10th July 1998, the WATER-ABILITY TEST, conducted in Indonesia by the Accelerated Weathering Tester QUV-ASTM.G53, under Ultraviolet light temperature of 50oC and Relative Humidity temperature of 40oC for a duration of 600 Hours revealed no calcification, no surface cracking, no penetration crack, no blistering, no peeling off, slight colour change (Grey Scale No. 4) and no other modifications on the sample under test.
The REPUBLIC OF INDONESIA INDUSTRIAL DEPARTMENT, INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT BOARD further denoted the absence of Cadmium, Lead, mercury and Chromium in a sample tested. Regarding the Hardness (Pencil 9H), the sample treated was resistant (unscratched).
The "MASTREGUARD WATERPROOFING SYSTEM" has proven efficacy in areas such as swimming pools, Jacuzzi, fishponds on roof, pathways, wooden, concrete, iron, terracotta, plastic and fiberglass surfaces, parking areas, gutters, roof gardens, wall surfaces, roof tiles, roof surfaces, bathtubs and pipes.
Since its introduction in the Mauritian market, we have completed a series of projects, which includes the following;
Swimming pool at Residence Gold Coast
Top floor pool at Four Season Resort
7 swimming pools at Long Beach Hotel
Mini pool at the New Trou aux Biches
Top roof of Clinic du Nord
Individual apartments and houses
Fish ponds and driveways

Sand and cement screed surface
Ensure that work surfaces are well braced against movement and deflection, fall towards outlets and must not pond. Ensure that all surfaces are semi smooth, clean, free from dust and oil with no projections of sharp or foreign object.
Concrete surfaces
Ensure that work surfaces are well braced against movement and deflection, all concrete surfaces must steel trowel finished, clean, and free from dust and oil with no projections of sharp or foreign object. Concrete must be fully cured.

Wet work surfaces to reduce heat or surface temperature to avoid air pockets or reactions during priming process. Prime work surfaces thoroughly with Masterguard Liquid mixed with 25% to 35% water.


Apply 1st bodycoat with Masterguard Liquid (use direct/mix water max.15%). Instantly lay one layer of chopped strand fiberglass matt.


Apply 2nd bodycoat with Masterguard Liquid (use direct/mix water max. 15%) to press down fiberglass . Ensure there is no air entrapment or bridging.

Allow the 2nd bodycoat to dry for 40 mins before installation of next coat.


Remove the excess fiberglass strand from the finished surface.

Apply minimum 2 coats of Masterguard Liquid (use direct/mix water max. 15%) in X -- direction. Allow coating to dry between each coats

For more info, please feel free to visit our website at and contact me on

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Epoxy, phenolic and bismaleimide (BMI) adhesives are supplied in film form on a roll and require heat and pressure to cure. doors, flooring partitions. Flexible cure cycle from 100 - 150ºC to (212 - 300ºF). Includes flame retardant. ... View Doc

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55 Cast-in-Situ EPDM Rubber Flooring for Children Playground. Impact Attenuation. Ease of Ignition. a) issued by Info-Communication Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), Singapore Code of Practice (CP5) electro-galvanized 1.5mm thickness with epoxy powder coating. ... Get Document

AND PHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF THE EPOXY AND VINYL ESTER FIBER GLASS LAMINATES furniture, fiber optics, flooring, packaging and containers [4]. MATERIALS AND METHODS Raw materials and sample preparation Polymeric resins are the main raw Singapore. Meanwhile, photoinitiator material has ... Read More

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The installation of epoxy flooring, approximately 84SF with colors as selected by COTR. Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, or United Kingdom); ... Content Retrieval

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The flooring specification called for a dust-free and easy to against potential health hazards caused by concrete dust. SOLUTION OFFERED Polygard TM SLT 1090 | 1mm thick solventless epoxy self-leveling system with Singapore date 1999 - 2008 For more information ... Get Document

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8.11 Flooring: Specifications pertaining to obsolete items deleted. Specifications for laying tiles in flooring and dado with polymer based adhesives included. 8.12 Roofing: Non-asbestos cement sheet provided in place of asbestos cement sheet roofing. ... View Doc

Reinforced Concrete - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Epoxy coated rebar can easily be identified by the light green colour of its epoxy coating. Hot dip galvanized rebar may be bright or dull grey depending on length of exposure, ... Read Article

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A4-90 Raised Floor Draft 2A 6-03 - Singapore Institute Of ...
Arup Singapore Pte Ltd Draft 2A June 2003 Document Verification Code of practice for flooring of timber, timber products and wood based panel products Galvanised or epoxy painted to SO’s acceptance. 3.1.3 Panel covering ... Retrieve Doc

Epoxy Flooring Singapore

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For flooring applications, the adhesive should be applied to the flooring manufacturer's specifications. To stop floor SINGAPORE PTE LTD BOSTIK (MALAYSIA) SDN BHD Phone: +61-3-9279 9333 Fax: +61-3-9279 9240 Phone: +64-4-567 5119 ... Fetch Here

Epoxy Flooring Singapore

MASTERTOP 1050 - STL - Construction Supplements, Building ...
Singapore Tel :+65-6861-6766 Fax :+65-6861-3186 Malaysia Tel :+60-3-3344-3388 Fax :+60-3-3344-2288 Indonesia Chemical resistant coloured epoxy coating DESCRIPTION Mastertop 1050 is a high-build epoxy resin based coating which is designed to protect concrete, masonry ... Access Content

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